Pope Ince XI

Innocent XI
His original name was Benedetto Odeschalchi (1611, Como - 10 August, 1689, Rome). He originated from a rich banker's family. In his youth he took part in the 30-year war (1618-1648), then he studied law in Naples, and finally he chose to be a priest. He became a cardinal when he was 36. He was famous for his charities and ascetic life style. The organisation of a great anti-Turkish war was a very important issue for him. During his reign as Pope Ince XI (1676-1689) he managed to do this after the siege of Vienna in 1683. From that time on he was one of the most keen supporters (both mentally and financially) of the anti-Turkish war in Hungary. The forming of the Holy League, a diplomatic alliance between the Habsburgs, Poland and Venice, was the result of his skilful diplomatic manoeuvres.