Leopold Kollonich (26 October, 1631, Komárom - 20 January, 1707, Vienna)

Leopold Kollonich
He was the son of Siegfried von Kollonich, royal stableman (1602-1680) and chief captain of Bányavidék (1604-1612). Leopold himself was the one of the most influential politicians of the 17th century in Vienna. He was president of the Hungarian Chamber (1671-1684), chief chancellor (1695-1707), member of the Maltan Order of Knighthood, cardinal, the Archbishop of Esztergom (1695-1707). Regarding his church career, he was given one of the highest Catholic church positions in Hungary. He was the most important figure of counter-reformation and Habsburg absolutism, who also played an important role in devising the plan (1688-1689) according to which the country was restructured after it was freed from the Turks at the beginning of the 18th century.