border defence system (in German Militargrenze)

Expulsion of the Turks from Hungary
It was a new border defence system (against the Turks) organised along the southern border of the country in the first decade of the 18th century by the Viennese Court Military Council after Hungary was liberated still powerful. Because of the Hungarian orders the administration of old castle districts was not reorganised in the regions along the borderline. These were governed from Vienna and not from the reoccupied capital, Buda. Vienna did not let the Hungarian orders intervene in these matters. There were no Hungarian border fortress soldiers in the armed forces of regions expanding from the Adriatic Sea to the Transylvania, like Károlyváros, Bán, Varasd, Száva, near the Duna, the Tisza and the Maros, but they contained permanent German regiments and privileged Serb soldiers, who received lands for their services. This border defence system lasted until 1881.