Miklós Esterházy of Galánta (8 April, 1582, Galánta - 11 September, 1645, Nagyhöflány)

Miklós Esterházy
He was a royal court master (1618-1622), a judge royal (1622-1625), the captain-in-chief of Bányavidék fortresses (1622-1625) and from 1625 until his death he was the Palatine of Hungary. He was one of the most outstanding Hungarian politicians, who based the rise of his family on his splendid marriage. His family became one of the most powerful and well-off noble families (he was the count of the castle of Fraknó). He was the follower of Habsburg rulers, who was born in a Protestant family but became a catholic in his youth. He tread the path between the interests of the Hungarian orders and the court very skilfully. He was one of the few Hungarian politicians who had an influence in Vienna.