Coin of King Lipót (Leopold)
Obverse: LEOPOLDVS. D. G. RO. I. S. AV. GE. HV. B. REX taller
Leopoldus Dei gratia Romanorum imperator semper (44 mm)
augustus Germaniae, Hungariae, Bohemiae rex (28,24 g)
Leopold the always glorious Roman Emperor, King
of Germany, Hungary, and Bohemia by God's grace (silver)
Reverse: ARCHIDVX. AVS. DVX. BVR. COM. TY. 1662
Archidux Austriae, dux Burgundiae, comes Tyrolis 1662
Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Tirol 1662
Coat of arms on reverse: crowned double-headed eagle with the Hungarian coat of arms on its breast.
Text by Ferenc Soós. Photograph by Ferenc Soós and Péter Szántó.
Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum Éremtára, Budapest