Friedrich III (1415-1493)

Frederick III and Eleonora of Portugal
After the death of Emperor Albert II (1437-1439) he was Hungarian king from 1440 to 1439, and German-Roman Emperor for more than half a century. He was the last emperor, who was crowned in Rome in 1452. Friedrich was Hungarian king, Mátyás Hunyadi (1458-1490)'s political enemy. However, Mátyás managed to get back the Holy Crown from him for 80,000 golden forints in 1463. The Holy Crown was stolen in 1440. At the same time in the treaty signed at Bécsújhely (1463) the Hungarian ruler made a promise that if he died without a male successor, the Hungarian throne would be inherited by Emperor Friedrich or his son, Maximiliam. In 1485 Mátyás occupied Friedrich's residence in Vienna. Despite this, from Friedrich's reign until 1526 the main goal of Habsburgs rulers was to win the Hungarian throne.