Maximilian I (22 March, 1459, Bécsújhely - 12 January, 1519, Wels)

He was a German-Roman emperor from 1493 to 1519. He was the son of Emperor Friedrich III, Hungarian king, Mátyás's great rival. In 1477 he got married to the daughter of the Prince of Burgundy, Charles the Brave. Her name was Maria. Thanks to this marriage Burgundy and the German Plain was inherited by the Hasburgs after the death of the prince. The Habsburgs' rise as a European power started with the reign of Maximiliam I. His son, Philip the Beautiful, got married to Johanna the Crazy, daughter of Isabella of Casuntila and Ferdinand of Aragonia, so Spain was united in the form of a dynastic union. This marriage brought the Spanish heritage for the Habsburgs.