Zsigmond János, Szapolyai (7 July, 1540, Buda - 14 March, 1571, Gyulafehérvár)

Coin of King John II 3
He was the son of King János Szapolyai and Isabella Jagello. He was elected king of Hungary (Jánso II) and the first principal of independent Transylvania. He was elected king in his childhood, which was confirmed by Sultan Suleyman I at the occupation of Buda in 1541. His reign was limited to the eastern regions of the country because of the occupation of the capital by the Turks. After the fall of Temesvár in 1552 and his stay in Poland (1551-1556) he had authority over Transylvania only. In his youth György Fráter, then later his mother reigned instead of him. As the Hungarian orders called him back from Poland after the unsuccessful reign of the Habsburgs (1552-1557), the young ruler started to convert the principality into an independent state. This was first confirmed by the treaty of Speyer in 1570.