German imperial aid

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The most significant aid for maintaining the border defence system against he Turks came from the German-Roman Empire, besides the neighbouring provinces. This was called imperial or Turkish aid. The basic unit was the so-called Roman month (Römermonat). The name is connection with the earlier coronation of Roman emperors, who were escorted to Italy by 4,000 horseman and 20,000 soldiers of the infantry. Their monthly soldier's pay was 128,000 Rajna Forints, which was paid by the orders. At imperial parliaments they offered 20-80 times this sum, depending on the range of the Turkish danger. Although they could not collect the whole sum - similarly to the military tax in Hungary - these aids were a great help for paying border fortress soldiers and fortifying the important castles. This is the explanation of the fact that Hungary was never completely occupied by the Turks.