the Nicolsburg peace

Gábor Bethlen 1
Ferdinand II
This was a peace treaty signed by Transylvanian principal, Gábor Bethlen, and King Ferdinand II on 31 December, 1621. It was acknowledged again in January 1622 in Nicolsburg (today it is in Moravia). In accordance with the peace Bethlen refused to be Hungarian king - he was elected Hungarian king by the Hungarian orders in August 1620 at the parliament of Besztercebánya. Besides this the principal undertook himself to return the Holy Crown. In return for this he received Oppeln and Ratibor in Silesia and the seven Hungarian counties (Szatmár, Szabolcs, Bereg, Ugocsa, Zemplén, Abaúj, Borsod) for his lifetime. Ferdinand II obliged himself to help the Hungarian principle with 50,000 Forints to supply the fortresses in these counties.