the peace treaty of Linz

The peace treaty signed by Transylvanian principal, György Rákóczi II and King Ferdinand III, the documents of which were exchanged by the representatives of the parties in Linz, on 16 December, 1645. Many points of the treaty was similar to those of the 1621-1622 Nicolsburg treaty. Similarly to Bethlen, Rákóczi received the seven Hungarian counties (Szatmár, Szabolcs, Bereg, Ugocsa, Zemplén, Abaúj, Borsod) and Tokaj, Regéc, Tarcal and the castle of Ecsed for his lifetime. At the same time counties Szabolcs and Szatmár could be inherited by his sons for their lifetime. In return the principal promised to break the alliance made with the French and Swedish, and withdraw his armies to the above mentioned counties and Transylvania. He also promised not to intervene in royal matters. Besides these the peace treaty guaranteed the freedom of worship and the convocation of parliament within three months for the Hungarians orders.