begler begh

Ali pasha
This Turkish word meant the begh of beghs, its synonym is the Persian miran of mir. Begler beghs stood at the head of the biggest administrational units of the Osman Empire - the vilayets or elayets - and they were the leaders of the military force and board of clerks of the province. They received their document of appointment (berat) from the divan, that is the sultan's council. At first their duty was longer, in the 16-17th centuries it was usually only one year. In the 17-18th centuries they were relocated to two or three different places within a year. At the end of the 16th century their number was 30, and many of them received the title captain-in-chief. In Hungary there was a begler begh at the head of the Buda, temesvár, Győr, Eger, Kanizsa, Várad and Érsekújvár vilayets. All of them held the title of pasha. Their responsibilities included protecting the subordinates of the province, governing the vilayet, the administration of justice, at first giving service or regular estates, later starting the process of giving away, in war leading the army of the province. Their work was helped by an advisory body of soldiers, financial and religious clerks, called divan.