Montecuccoli, Raimundo (21 February, 1609, the Montecuccoli castle in Italy - 16 October, 1680, Linz)

Raimond Montecuccoli
Battle of Szentgotthárd
He was an outstanding general, military expert and military writer of the 17th-century Habsburg Empire. From a common soldier he rose to the highest military position in Hungary and in the Empire. He had Italian origins, at first he served in the 30-year war (1618-1648), then he became the commander-in-chief of Silesia (1645-1646), and finally he served in Hungarian border fortresses. From 1660 until his death he was the captain-in-chief in Győr (1661-1662), then in 1664 he became the commander-in-chief of the imperial army in Hungary. After his unsuccessful Transylvanian campaign in 1661-1662 he quarrelled with Zrínyi Miklós. On 1 August, 1664 he led the Christian army to victory against the troops of commander Ahmed Köprülö at Szentgotthárd. From 1668 until his death he was the President of the Court Military Council.