The Vasvár Peace

The most controversial peace agreement in Hungarian history under the Turkish occupation which even caused major indignation among contemporaries and which was often referred to as a shameful event. It was signed by Simon Reniger ambassador on behalf of the emperor, and representatives of Ahmed Köprülü Turkish Grand Vizier on August 10th, 1664 in Vasvár which is in county Vas. Despite Miklós Zrínyi's winter military campaign which was a success against the Turks, so was the battle at Szentgotthard where the imperial army led by Raimundo Montecuccoli defeated the Grand Vizier's head troops - the peace agreement was favourable for the beaten Turkish party. The Vasvár Peace allowed the sultan to keep two important border fortresses he had occupied in the previous two years: Várad (1660) and Érsekújvár (1663) and the New Zrínyi Fortress also remained under Turkish occupation. At the same time it obliged the imperial forces to destroy their Székelyhíd fortress near Várad and to withdraw their troops from the Transylvanian Principality, which was a recognition of Transylvania coming under the sultan's autonomy.