Ferenc Wesselényi (1605-March 23, 1667. Zólyomlipcse)

Ferenc Wesselényi 2
From 1655 until his death the most significant feudal high dignitary of Hungary, was a palatine. He was the captain general of Fülek and also of the Upper Hungarian Region (1647-1658, and 1663-1664). At the beginning he was a dedicated follower of Ferdinand III. and king Leopold I. Later however, after the shameful Vasvár peace treaty he became disillusioned with the aims of the Viennese Court and tried to find a way out of this situation together with several of his fellow noblemen (Ferenc Nádasdy, Péter Zrínyi, Ferenc Frangepán and Ferenc Bónis) by forming an alliance with the Turks. The conspiracy was revealed in its early stage as its members informed on each other in the imperial town. Wesselényi however, did not live that long since he passed away in March 1667.