Péter Zrínyi (June 6, 1621. Verbovec in Croatia - April 30, 1671. Bécsújhely)

Péter Zrínyi 1
The younger brother of the poet and military general Miklós Zrínyi after the death of whom he became the governor of Croatia and simultaneously the captain general of Muraköz between 1665 to 1670. Similarly to his brother he took an active role in the struggle against the Turks along the borderline. However, following the Vasvár peace treaty signed in 1664 together with Wesselényi he also tried to find a way out of a hopeless situation by first forming an alliance with Louis XIV and then with the Turks. After Wesselényi and György Lippay the archbishop of Esztergom had died he became the leader of the conspiracy which led inevitably to his arrest in 1670 and execution by sword. He was executed on April 30th 1671 together with Ferenc Frangepán in Bécsújhely (today Wiener Neustadt in Austria).