Ferenc Nádasdy (1625 - 30 April, 1671, Vienna)

Ferenc Nádasdy 2
Ferenc Nádasdy 1
He was the grandson of the famous "Black begh", Ferenc Nádasdy snr (1555-1604), who took part in the struggle against the Turks. Between 1646 and 1655 he was court master, then from 1655 until 1670 judge royal, and from 1667 until 1670 royal governor. Besides members of the Batthány and the Esterházy family, he was one of the most significant landowners of Transdanubia, a great patron of arts and sciences. He played a great role in the Wesselényi plot, for which he was sentenced to death and had animals confiscated. His estates were confiscated, and he was executed on 30 April, 1671 in the imperial city.