Michael Ország Guti, Michael Szilágyi, Nicholas Újlaki

Miklós Újlaki
coat-of-arms of the Szilágyi family
Mihály Szilágyi
Michael (Mihály) Ország Guti

He orginated from the common noble branch of the Gutkeled clan, who lived in the county of Szabolcs. In 1430 he was taken to the royal court by his brother. In 1433 he married Borbala Rozgonyi, who came from a noble baron family. From 1436-1438 and 1439-1440 he was treasurer, and from 1438-1439 and 1453-1458 he held other important offices at court. After 1439 he supported Wladislas I, and was a member of the Krakkow committee, and in 1445 one of the captain-in-chiefs. From July 1458, when Garai was replaced in office, until his death in November 1484 he was palatine. He received several estates from his patrons.


Michael (Mihály) Szilágyi

He was born in the 1410s as vice-bailiff of Bács, son of the captain of Srebrenik, Ladislaus Szilágyi. The common noble family derived its name of Horogszegi from its estate in the county of Temes. His sister, Elisabeth was John Hunyadi's wife, and he became his familiare. At the siege of Nándorfehérvár in 1456 he was the captain of the fortress. After the execution of Ladislaus Hunyadi he became the leader of the Hunyadi party, and he was the one who forced Matthias' election as king. In January 1458 he was appointed governor for five years to assist the young king. But he resigned at the end of July, and became the marquis of Beszterce. He organised a league against Matthias with Ladislaus Garai and Michael Újlaki, but he was caught in October. He escaped from prison in 1459. His estates were returned and he was put in charge of the defence of the southern border of the country. A promise was made to him: if he reoccupied Szendrő, he would become a Serbian principal. In November 1460 he was captured by the Turks and as he refused to reveal the weak points of Nándorfehérvár, the sultan had him executed in 1461 in Constantinople.


Nicholas (Miklós) Újlaki

He was born around 1410 as the ban of Macsó, third son of Ladislaus Újlaki. From 1438 he became the ban of Macsó, and he held this title until his death. From 1441 to 1446 he was a Transylvanian voivode and the ban of Szörény - together with John Hunyadi -, and from 1446 to 1457 he was ban of Slavonia. After 1439 he supported Wladislas I and soon became one of the captains-in-chief. After Ladislaus V's death he was one of the candidates for the throne. In 1459 he supported Frederick III king, then he returned to Matthias. In 1471 Matthias made him King of Bosnia, and in the spring of 1472 he was crowned at Buda. Elisabeth Szilágyi adopted him as her son, and he also received the ban district of Dalmatia-Croatia and Slavonia, the prior office of Vrania, which he held for two years. After his death in 1476 the kingdom of Bosnia began to decline. His estates were inherited by his son, Laurence, "Prince of Bosnia", and when he died in 1524, the family became extinct.