THIS bibliography is divided into two sections: the first provides a selection of general reference-books which may be consulted usefully. The second section follows the order in which individual authors are discussed in the main text, and is divided into ‘bibliography’ and ‘texts’. The ‘bibliography’ includes essential works on the background of a period, literary trends, and monographs on particular authors. Articles in periodicals are given only if they are considered essential. Most of the material is in Hungarian; special effort has been made to locate relevant articles in English. Works in other languages are included only if they are considered superior to works available in Hungarian and English. Most items are briefly annotated for guidance. In the section ‘texts’, collections, selections, collected works, and English translations are enumerated.

The bibliographical descriptions are as short as possible; the place of publication is omitted in the case of Hungarian books published in Budapest, and in the case of English and French works published in London and Paris respectively. If no title is given, the title is self-evident from the context, e.g. F. Riedl’s book on Arany (1957) should be read: F. Riedl: Arany János (Budapest, 1957). Works published after 1975 are ignored (consequently, statements like: ‘There is nothing substantial on Ernő Szép should be read: ‘no monograph was published up to 1976, but the student might find articles in learned journals, written on a specific aspect of Szép’s works or life.’ In a few cases, however, amendments have been made.