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Dear Friend,

Struggling families in Israel need your help now.

Reports from the National Insurance Institute and the Bank of Israel in fact show increasing number of families falling below national poverty levels in recent years. As a result, more and more families are turning to charities for assistance as they are trying to adjust to the new realities of life.

Unfortunately, "Hunger in the headlines" breaks our hearts and help generate funds. In truth, relatively very few families are facing real hunger, but rather, and perhaps equally important, are dealing with problems of food deficiency and malnutrition.

A Full Plate was created by Israel's National Food Bank (the Israeli arm of the Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network), LaSova and Meir Panim to address this need and to provide a meaningful and dignified response.

Thousands of working Israeli families struggle to make ends meet. Their current plight may be as a result of government cutbacks in family allowances, a recent layoff, a sickness in the family, or G-d forbid, loss of work due to a terrorist attack.

For the past year, thanks to the generous support of our donors and sponsors, A Full Plate, has been feeding more than 1,000 needy Israeli families with DIGNITY and CLASS. Currently, recipients receive monthly pre-paid food debit cards, allowing them to purchase food items of their own choosing and based on their needs. More important, recipients of these cards purchase their food like every other Israeli family, merely by swiping a pre-paid debit card at any store participating in this program. At the same time, we are helping the Israeli economy by purchasing foods locally.

Unfortunately, thousands of applications from equally needy families cannot be fulfilled. Our ability to help additional families depends entirely on the support we receive from the extended Jewish family throughout the world.

A Full Plate's mission is simple:

A) To feed Israel's hungry and working poor families,

B) To maintain recipients dignity and self-esteem,

C) To educate beneficiary families to shop more economically and nutritionally balanced, and

D) To provide donors with 100% accountability on usage of their funds.

For a mere $1.80 per day, (approximate cost of a daily snack), you can feed an Israeli family for an entire month. Your donation of $54 will provide one Israeli family with a pre-paid food debit card with a value of 250 NIS/Shekel, in itself a higher value than the actual donation of $54.

Individuals or families who undertake the sponsorship of an Israeli family for an entire year, $54 x 12 = $648 (payable in full or by monthly debit of your credit card), will qualify for our Matching Grants program, and will actually help feed two Israeli families for each full year sponsorship of one family.

For more information on this truly unique program, please visit our website and especially the section of "Hunger in the Headlines".

Please help us by making your most generous Chanukah gift to A Full Plate, a project of Israel's National Food Bank.

With best wishes for a happy and enlightened Festival of Lights, Happy Chanukah.

Rabbi Eliezer Avtzon
Founder and US Director